Pour the mixture into a garden tank sprayer and spray the mullein to cover the leaves thoroughly. flower spires in shades of pink, purple and white. Ancient cultures around the world considered Mullein a magical protector against witchcraft and evil spirits and, like many such herbs used in magic, Mullein has a long history as a healing plant. oval silvery leaves that are covered in silvery down. You don’t have to feed mullein, but you can do so if you want. spread: 1ft (30cm). but with white flowers. leaves usually grow up the stems. Mullein is the common name for the verbascum plant which consists of many different species.. Cut the bottom at an angle and the top straight to plant the cutting facing the correct way up. Use caution and consult your local agricultural extension service when releasing biological control insects, because after you release them into the natural environment they're impossible to control. of attractive, open, blue flowers from June to September. Remove faded flower spikes to induce a second flush. purple stamens. Chalk Mulch around the base over winter, but do not cover the crown. Always wear protective glasses and gloves when you're handling chemicals like herbicides. Exposed or sheltered position. Besides wonderful foods and medicines, plants can provide an outdoors man with incredible tools as well. Mullein is known by many different names: Aaron’s rod, Adam’s flannel, Indian tobacco, Jacob’s staff, Jupiter’s staff, Peter’s staff, Blanket Leaf, Bullock’s Lungwort, Cow’s Lungwort, Feltwort, Hare’s Beard, Lady’s Foxglove, Mullein Leaf, and many more names. J Ethnopharmacol 2002;82:117-25. Expectorants are agents for stimulating the production or secretion of phlegm. Spray the common mullein weeds with a 2 percent solution of glyphosate or triclopyr and water, mixed with a non-ionic surfactant, following the instructions on the label exactly. Oval lance-shaped, woolly leaves. Hardiness: Hardy in most regions of the UK. Type: Annuals, biennials, perennial Height: 10in (25cm), Copyright Leaf Group Ltd. // Leaf Group Lifestyle. spires. Employ the use of herbicides or biological controls if you have a large area that’s infested with mullein weeds. The leaves of the common mullein are most often used in herbal medicine, and the plant … for the back of a border or in island beds. V. bombyciferum hardy biennial Mullein is known botanically as Verbascum thapus. The common mullein plants should pull up easily because of their shallow taproots. Self seeds Do not consume mullein seeds. Mullein for luxuriant growth prefers full sun with dry and warm location. Drought tolerant. You can take root cuttings of verbascums in autumn. Mullein can grow, when left alone, up to seven feet tall, with large leaves covered in silver and felt-like hairs. Some people take mullein by mouth for breathing conditions such as cough or asthma , pneumonia , colds , and sore throat . Most forms have Hand pull the common mullein plants, preferably before the plant sets its seeds. short-lived, they are easily propagated. Cut down the faded flower spikes of perennial varieties at the end of the flowering season. leaves up to 12in (30cm) long. Terry has written articles and publications for a wide range of markets and subject matters, including Medicine & Health, Eli Financial, Dartnell Publications and Eli Journals. The flower stalk grows up to 6 feet high, and the leaves grow up to 2 … Mullein is an easy-to-grow plant, often seen growing in fields and ditches. Lancell shaped A favorite plant of hummingbirds and pollinators, mullein attracts the attention of non-winged garden visitors too. V. blattaria (moth mullein) a biennial J Ethnopharmacol 1995;49:101-10. west facing aspect. Hey guys in this video we take a look at common Mullein to learn how to identify it. Flower stalks are striking when in bloom. Always wear protective glasses and gloves when you’re handling chemicals like herbicides. cottage, wildlife and woodland gardens. A multi-purpose herb, mullein is credited historically with healing abilities from its flowers, leaves, and root. Take about seven drops of mullein herb tincture to treat a tweaked or sore back, according to HerbCraft.com. Height 4ft, spread 18in. Native to Europe and Asia, common mullein (Verbascum thapsus) is part of the figwort or Scrophulariaceae family and is an erect, invasive herb. Mainly grown as short lived evergreen or semi-evergreen If you have only a small number of common mullein plants, hand pulling them is the easiest and safest solution. Height: 3ft (1m), spread: 1ft (30cm). base over winter, but do not cover the crown. The 12in long strap leaves are covered Once the pods open, the seeds will fall to the ground and grow the following year. Mullein was described as a treatment for ‘old coughs’ by the Greek physician Dioscorides over 2000 years ago and has chiefly been used as a herb for lung problems since well before then till now. Tall species are ideal specimens There are many different cultivars of Verbascum Remove faded flower spikes to induce a second flush. varieties have striking white-felted foliage. Conditions: Full sun, in a south or Clumps of … their own seed (known as monocarpic). Mullein is often referred to by botanists as “Common Mullein”. Chop the leaves and steep for 10-15 minutes. Mullein oil is also used in ear drops fo… This will help to choke out the mullein seeds and decrease the chances that the mullein seeds will germinate successfully. Soil: Moist but well-drained. or short lived perennials. Requires protection from Taking Care of Verbascum. Each mullein plant can produce more than 100 thousand seeds in a single year and they can survive all harsh conditions before the germination takes place.