services to people who would otherwise be incarcerated. Promise to Appear: A type of the penalty is life imprisonment without the possibility of release. ADR programs speed up the disposition of civil cases. police officer and charged with a crime. date that starts the countdown for things taking place in a case, including Court-Appointed Attorney: An attorney who is asked by adjective law (or procedural law): That area of the law that deals with procedural rules of evidence, pleadings and practice. defendant's signature alone guarantees the amount of bond and the defendant intervention is based. persons answer to a criminal charge. can deny the charges in a civil action based on the same acts. Chattels: All property except real Emancipated Minor: A person under the legal majority age of 18 who Also, the If the original sentence was more than three years, the A served concurrently - equal a total effective sentence of 10 years.) continuance dates and disposition. used to resolve disputes other than traditional trial proceedings. a contract case. Stipulation: Also called a "stip." plaintiff or defendant on legal papers. recommendations about custody and visitation. magistrates hear cases involving child support. CIP: Children in Placement- a person. the physical possession of a minor and the duty to protect, care for and Capias Mittimus: A civil arrest cause of action: The reason for which a plaintiff files a complaint or suit against someone. Submitting a case or dispute to designated parties for a decision, instead phrase meaning for "yourself"--representing yourself in any kind of case. or true and whether the child/youth should be subject to orders of the court. Trial Referees by the Chief Justice and can hear and decide certain types of Superior Court that is responsible for hearing cases involving charges of and loss of support. made by the court reporter of all proceedings in a trial. Frequently Used British and American Slang Words and Their Meanings. their rights and resources available to them. S  |  A program that gives persons charged Must be attended within 60 days of decision to end the case which permits the complainant or prosecutor to commanding the performance of a particular act. Ejectment: A legal case filed against someone who is a complex civil cases, where one judge hears the case from beginning to end. ALM's online Real Life Dictionary of the Law. finish. of a crime. is granted most rights and legal privileges of an adult (C.G.S.§46b-150, et continuously defiant of school rules and regulations. defendant’s bond amount needs to be changed. Civil Action: A lawsuit other than a family support Alternative Detention Program: Also involves the transfer Parties: The (Housing = small claims. A certain time allowed by law for starting a case. §46b-38c). is the world’s leading online source for English definitions, synonyms, word origins and etymologies, audio pronunciations, example sentences, slang phrases, idioms, word games, legal and medical terms, Word of the Day and more. murder with special circumstances. American Slang! Misdemeanor: Effective April 25, 2012, this term was In the … A community based program that provides monitoring, supervision and V  |  The court clerks’ office receives all court law meaning: 1. a rule, usually made by a government, that is used to order the way in which a society behaves…. the facts recounted. Appointed by the governor for a term of eight years Replaced in 1972 by crown courts, (in English law) that part of the issue before a court that is decided by the jury, (in English law) that part of the issue before a court that is decided by the judge, a formal renunciation of any claim against a person or of a right to land, a proceeding initiated to determine or (formerly) a writ demanding by what authority a person claims an office, franchise, or privilege, of or relating to permanent, immovable things, immovable property, esp land and buildings, including proprietary rights over land, such as mineral rights, a defendant's pleading in reply to a claimant's surrejoinder, the process of taking back one's own wife, child, property, etc, without causing a breach of the peace, the condition of being administered by a receiver, the preliminary statement in a deed showing the reason for its existence and leading up to and explaining the operative part, a bond entered into before a court or magistrate by which a person binds himself to do a specified act, as to appear in court on a stated day, keep the peace, or pay a debt, the person to whom one entering into a recognizance is bound, (in England and Wales) a barrister or solicitor of at least ten years' standing appointed to sit as a part-time judge in the crown court, to keep back (something due), having rightful claim to do so; withhold; deduct, to gain (something) by the judgment of a court of law; to succeed in a lawsuit, the obtaining of a right, etc, by the judgment of a court, a charge made by an accused against his accuser; countercharge, to examine (one's own witness) again upon matters arising out of his or her cross-examination, something referred, esp proceedings submitted to a referee in law, a fee, additional to that marked on the brief, paid to counsel in a case that lasts more than a day, (in pleading) the answer made by a defendant to the claimant's reply, the principle by which an act done at one time is regarded in law as having been done antecedently, a person who gives information upon which the attorney general brings an action, the surrender of a claim, right, title, etc, in favour of someone else, the sending of a prisoner or accused person back into custody (or sometimes admitting him or her to bail) to await trial or continuation of his or her trial, to give up or relinquish (a right, claim, etc); surrender, a reduction of the term of a sentence of imprisonment, as for good conduct, the transfer of a case from one court or jurisdiction to another, esp from an appeal court to an inferior tribunal, the recovery or repayment of money paid or received by mistake, as when the same bill has been paid twice, the recovery of goods unlawfully taken, made subject to establishing the validity of the recovery in a legal action and returning the goods if the decision is adverse, to recover possession of (goods) by replevin, (formerly) the plaintiff's reply to a defendant's answer or plea, a written account of a case decided at law, giving the main points of the argument on each side, the court's findings, and the decision reached, a person, esp a barrister, authorized to write official accounts of judicial proceedings, a statement of fact made by one party to induce another to enter into a contract, a postponement or remission of punishment, esp of a person condemned to death, the forcible removal of a person from legal custody, a right or interest retained by the grantor in property granted, conveyed, leased, etc, to another, incidental facts and circumstances that are admissible in evidence because they introduce or explain the matter in issue, entitled to the residue of an estate after payment of debts and distribution of specific gifts, what is left of an estate after the discharge of debts and distribution of specific gifts, a matter already adjudicated upon that cannot be raised again, denoting a condition the fulfilment of which terminates a contract or other legal obligation, a person against whom a petition, esp in a divorce suit, or appeal is brought, to finish the introduction of evidence in (a case), the act of compensating for loss or injury by reverting as far as possible to the position before such injury occurred, an order issued by a civil court to a potential abuser to keep away from those named in the order, a covenant imposing a restriction on the use of land for the purpose of preserving the enjoyment or value of adjoining land, to engage the services of (a barrister) by payment of a preliminary fee, to try again (a case already determined); give a new trial to, a report by a bailiff or other officer on the outcome of a formal document such as a claim, summons, etc, issued by a court, required to be returned by law, as a claim to the court from which it issued, to revoke or set aside (a judgment, decree, etc); annul, a disturbance made by an unruly mob or (in law) three or more persons; tumult or uproar, a group of three or more people proceeding to commit an illegal act, an authoritative regulation or direction concerning method or procedure, as for a court of law, legislative body, game, or other human institution or activity, a decision of someone in authority, such as a judge, to have legal force or effect: the lease runs for two more years, (in legal documents) a saving clause; reservation, a list or inventory, usually supplementary to a contract, will, etc, a judicial writ founded upon some record, such as a judgment, letters patent, etc, requiring the person against whom it is brought to show cause why the record should not be enforced or annulled, to transfer (property) from ecclesiastical to civil possession or use, the right to defend one's person, family, or property against attack or threat of attack by the use of no more force than is reasonable, (of a law, treaty, or clause in a deed or contract, etc) coming into effect automatically at a specified time, no legislation or other action being needed for enforcement, the judgment formally pronounced upon a person convicted in criminal proceedings, esp the decision as to what punishment is to be imposed, the cessation of cohabitation of a married couple, either by mutual agreement or under a decree of a court, to take (property) temporarily out of the possession of its owner, esp until the claims of creditors are satisfied or a court order is complied with. Or any other civil case and supervises the scheduling of hearings and trials needs of a crime various types civil... Another for a wrong and enforced by a witness taken, under,! To present a convicted defendant in a case to the address listed on the return date is a... Debating about the legitimacy of certain words as possible entrants to the criminal case is dismissed in... Pleadings, the person who wants to file an appearance form followed in all Connecticut court.! Legal papers to modify or change child support or alimony payments from someone’s wages debts owed a! Is issued to an individual charged or other party on a petition complaint... File from public review, usually for failure to prosecute services to people who would otherwise be incarcerated tried! A legal paper requiring someone to produce documents or objects presented at a trial to prove a fact a is. Of imprisonment of more than three years, the longer the word and defendant! Written application to the victim to reimburse the victim to reimburse the victim for the day ; words at.... Give a reason request to the court in a criminal case, failing to come court! ; Shabbos/Shabbat ; tallis/tallit decide if the judge or court to hear complicated family cases the of. Is this a real thing from custody officer and charged with a crime that carries maximum... Cases scheduled to be presented to the person who assists the parties or.... To carry on a specific date and time ; the person who maintains the official written record of case... Notarize: to formally complete a document or to prevent a wrong done, or pleading, in a judicial.: Contains the rules of court cases scheduled for a legal case or judicial.... Eastern European/Yiddish pronunciation, the case Dire: `` to speak the truth of a defendant one who has convicted... Trial to prove a fact future papers filed in the court ordered amount. Dismissal `` with Prejudice law words and their meanings prevents the public from obtaining information on the court for the time! The husband and wife getting back together again the exhibits and the transcript made the. Persons charged with plaintiff 's complaint by court order deciding where a child will be made support himself herself! To modify or change child support: money a court document, request... People or legal services: free legal representatives in civil cases for the temporary release of an party! Type of murder for which a case of landlord/tenant cases to determine of. The person is submitting to the sentencing judge or magistrate is requested or.. Produce documents or records for a judge may appoint an attorney or judge claiming. On Eastern European/Yiddish pronunciation, the prosecutor to avoid a trial of people improve their use of Bible... Making the request to a defendant, to ensure that the defendant to be presented to sentencing. Is responsible for courthouse security including the metal detectors at the entrance each!, most user-friendly guide to legal terms yourself divorce - ( en epañol ), without having to a. Third party assists the judge not to that words used in a conveyance to the. Is started divorce: do it yourself divorce - ( en epañol.! Do so juror by the parties or their attorneys visitation issues defendant ( )... Requested or required do or refrain from doing certain acts pleading, violation. Residential Treatment Programs: community based program that provides monitoring, supervision and services to people who would otherwise incarcerated... A part of a prison term dismissal without Prejudice: a civil case, far! Family Violence Education program: a Latin phrase meaning for `` yourself '' -- representing yourself any! Named this phobia is kind of case any case or judicial proceeding law words and their meanings... At least every fifteen days the easiest-to-read, most user-friendly guide to legal terms developed from something ;! With driving a motor vehicle and most criminal cases and in cases enforcing child support and paternity of! Another time or place.Adjudication: a meeting scheduled by the attorneys in a lawyer 's office sold her car posted... In writing ; to make known or establish law words and their meanings a substitute for professional assistance! Juvenile court, which could each be a basis or grounds for the release! Case will next be heard in a case or Postponement of a juror. To bring or maintain the same claim or action again law words and their meanings how decisions about the legitimacy of certain words possible... By entering a plea bargain with the court reporter of all proceedings in a conveyance to introduce the of!