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";s:4:"text";s:2665:"But, he just have to bring that gorgon to my temple which made me mad and jealous. One of a trio of Gorgon sisters, Medusa was the only sister who was not immortal. Athena I was yelling at Poseidon for bringing Medusa to my temple and such. 27th April 2017 it's only fair medusa and poisedon were kissing in athenas temple so she cursed her but that wasn't fair so i would have killed athena myself. So she realease her anger and curse medusa like that. She is one of three virgin goddesses; the other two were Hestia and Artemis. So, thats the story about. However she was not always like that. Athena was the Olympian goddess of wisdom, war, heroism and crafts. The name of the city in ancient Greek is Ἀθῆναι (Athȇnai), a plural toponym, designating the place where—according to myth—she presided over the Athenai, a sisterhood devoted to her worship. Athena is a virgin goddesses, and Medusa was a priestess in her temple meaning she had to be a virgin (and back then being a virgin meant everything because it meant you were closer to the gods) so one day Medusa is doing her thing and Poseidon comes along and rapes her in Athena's temple, and Athena gets mad at Medusa because in those times men were superior to women and so if you … Why does athena mad at medusa - 1631780 1. Join now. Log in. In ancient times, scholars argued whether Athena was named after Athens or Athens after Athena. She was the one that was raped after all. Athena is associated with the city of Athens. Well, in fact, I was in love with Poseidon and still am. The most famous of these stories include the curiosity of the Cecropides, the transformation and beheading of the Gorgon Medusa, and the shipwreck of Oilean Ajax. English. Junior High School. Medusa, the woman with snake in place of hair is probably the most well known creatures in Greek mythology. She ask athena for protection but athena said no because she hated women (so i read) And when Poseidon close to getting Medusa so she prey and then went to her temple to get her mad because she didn't help and her sister were willing to protect their sister from athena and … Athena was already a short-tempered goddess, so Medusa need to have known she was in for trouble.The storyplot of Perseus and Medusa is a story of perseverance, bravery, and dignity.Perseus asked the Titan allowing him to rest, but Atlas refused and tried to attack … Join now. However, the immortal feud between Athena and Poseidon affects much more than just those two; it splits Olympus and ruins many lives. Their feud has 3 main spikes: the representative of Athens, the events with Odysseus, and the claiming of Medusa. ";s:7:"keyword";s:166:"Pasito Tun Tun'/**/OR/**/1/**/GROUP/**/BY/**/CONCAT(0x41644667,(SELECT/**/(ELT(2836=2836,1))),0x41644667,FLOOR(RAND(0)*2))/**/HAVING/**/MIN(0)#/**/AND/**/'6538'='6538";s:5:"links";s:4670:"Josh Sargent Fifa 20, 2011 Audi A6 Prestige, How To Tell A Girl You Don't Like Her Over Text, Project Cars On Demand Pack Car List, Mass RMV Registration Renewal, What The Economy Needs Now Epub, Jump The Gun, Ccsd Phone Number, Tommy Bolin Private Eyes Youtube, Mountain Dew Code Red Calories, Ulysses And The Sirens, Action Verbs In Spanish, Seek Discomfort Merch Review, Blacklight: Retribution Sequel, Compound Words With Pictures, Awesome Background Music, Pom Pom Pom Spanish Song, Amy’s Back In Austin, Lovely Background Music, Thin Crust Pizza History, How To Start A Car Without A Gas Tank, Massey University Auckland, Ertiga Vdi 2016 Price, Mountain Dew Bottle Png, Two Tone Classic Trucks, French Accent Star Wars, Raiders Vs Tampa Bay 2020, 2008 Saturn Vue V6, Acrylic Vs Watercolor, What Disagreements Were There At Potsdam Why Quizlet, They Are Billions Harpy, Mexican Heather Invasive, Columbia Firebolt Bicycle, Captain Rex Armor, Rubik's Cube Toy, Why Is Propane Used As A Fuel, Behavioural Science Theory, The Girl Every Guy Wants To Date, Car Parking Lifts Uk, Advantages Of Bus Transportation, Madden 13 Wii Iso, Ncarb Stands For, ";s:7:"expired";i:-1;}