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However, calling it an octahedron (like an eight sided die), it doesn't do justice to the intricate patterns and details in this ship.

The Borg Queen is the organizing mind behind the Borg Collective.Like the queen of an insect hive, she controls and coordinates all of the drones throughout the collective.

Star Trek: First Contact director Jonathan Frakes has confirmed that Data (Brent Spiner) and the Borg Queen (Alice Krige) definitely had sex in the 1996 movie. Starring the crew of Star Trek: The Next Generation, First Contact is the second movie featuring the cast and the first Frakes would direct. Star Trek: The Experience - Borg Invasion 4D The Borg / The Borg Queen (2004) The Mystery of Natalie Wood Maria Gurdin (2004)

The Borg Queen played by Susanna Thompson in Star Trek Voyager - Unimatrix Zero.

Commander Data and The Borg Queen bumped sockets together during the Borg’s takeover of the U.S.S. Christian Blauvelt Though strongly implied, it has now been confirmed – Lt. The Queen acts as more as a high level adviser with nigh to absolute control over the collective in times of necessity.

Enterprise-D were able to rescue Picard and destroy the Cube, but the Queen was able to survive by unknown means. Data and the Borg Queen Totally Had Sex and 6 Other Things We Learned From Jonathan Frakes' Star Trek: First Contact Commentary The director and star of the film sat in for IGN…

Seven of … Notes. Christian Blauvelt ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Review: Seven of Nine Goes Full Borg Queen "Broken Pieces" has solid dialogue and character moments but is mostly table-setting. The existence of the Borg Queen was discovered by Magnus and Erin Hansen, the parents of Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan), but the Hansen family was assimilated before they could transmit their data to Starfleet. The top queen during "Endgame" is the current top queen. 25 videos Play all Star Trek First Contact Brian Rathbone Patrick Stewart Gets Emotional Announcing Return To Captain Picard Role - 8-4-18 - Duration: 7:51.

The Borg Queen is in-fact, not the leader of the collective per say, as the collective can, has and does function completely without her intervention and presence.

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Review: Seven of Nine Goes Full Borg Queen "Broken Pieces" has solid dialogue and character moments but is mostly table-setting. Trivia: Got the role of the "Borg Queen" on Star Trek: Voyager only because Alice Krige (who played the role in the movie Star Trek: First Contact) refused to reprise her role. She is clearly distinguishable from common drones, having a more elegant appearance and possessing individual behaviour.

The Borg Queen Vessel Prime Expansion Pack is an expansion for the Star Trek Attack Wing Miniature Game, which happens to include an octahedron shaped Borg ship. The Romulan sect known as Zhat Vash storms the Reclamation Site on the Borg cube, hot on Picard's trail.

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