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The bottom line is that soil is essential for life because it provides the medium for plant growth, acts a filtration system for surface water, maintains the balance of atmospheric gases, stores carbon, and is a habitat for several organisms. Soil pH in the field can be measured using a simple test kit based on a colour-card method available from agricultural supply stores called the Raupach soil pH kit. Part of the explanation for this influence is the small particle size of the well-decomposed portion of organic matter—the humus. A soil is a three-dimensional natural body in the same sense that a hill, valley, or mountain has three dimensions. The enormous influence of organic matter on so many of the soil’s properties— biological, chemical, and physical—makes it of critical importance to healthy soils (figure 2.3). Soils are important is so many ways. Whether growing lawn grass, ornamental flowers or garden vegetables, preparing the soil before planting is essential. important to be sure that the testing methods and interpretations used by a prospective lab are appropriate for the region from which the soil sample was taken. MEASURING SOIL pH Soil pH can be measured in the field using a test kit or by sending a sample to a laboratory for more accurate results. The standard depth of sampling is 10 cm. Four steps associated with soil testing include: 1) soil sample collection, 2)

The remainder of this Handbook will address the three parts of the soil testing process as Importance of Soil. OBJECTIVES After reading this module, the reader should: Know what soil pH is and how it relates to soil acidity By digging or augering a hole in the soil, you may retrieve some soil material, and, you can take this sample of soil material into the laboratory and analyze its contents, but you must go into This Nutrient Management Module explains how each affects soil fertility. Essay on Importance of Soil. Without soil, there is no existence of life. Soil whose mineral phase is to be characterized is Pretreated to remove organic The Importance of Preparing Soil for Planting. Soil Sampling and Analysis S oil analysis can provide important information about physical conditions, fertility (nutrient) status, and chemical properties that affect a soil’s suitability for growing plants. Soil pH and organic matter are key soil parameters. Soil is the living ecosystem.

Soil thickness can be an important factor infl uencing vegetation, yet few spatially explicit studies have examined soil horizon thickness and v egetation composition in summer drought forests. Soil conservation is important because soil is crucial for many aspects of human life as it provides food, filters air and water and helps to decompose biological waste into nutrients for new plant life. The appendix at the end of this bulletin lists additional resources. Soil conversation involves working to reduce contamination and depletion. In our Vedas, it is said that life form on this earth consists of five elements and soil … Soil can be drained away or contaminated, destroying it for use.

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