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A total iron-binding capacity (TIBC) test measures the blood's ability to attach itself to iron and transport it around the body. The serum iron test can reveal abnormally low or high blood iron levels. If you have iron deficiency (a lack of iron in your blood), your iron level will be low but your TIBC will be high.

Ferritin—is the intracellular storage form of iron.A very small amount is found in serum. A transferrin test is similar. Platelet Count (PLT) 150-450.

80-100. fl.

A healthy person should have a normal iron serum level in the range of 60 to 170 micrograms per decilitre of blood. A normal hematocrit result ranges from 34.9 percent to 44.5 … 10 9 /L.

Mean Cell Haemoglobin (MCH) 27-32. 4-11. Red Blood Count (RBC) 4.5-6.5. High levels of iron can be fatal, but the amount found in drinking water is typically too low to be dangerous. Transferrin Saturation equation: Transferrin Saturation % = ( Serum iron x 100 )/ TIBC.

It is also found in drinking water. Find out why your doctor might call for this test, and what the results mean. When anemia is present in older persons it is likely due to some underlying condition that requires further investigation or therapy.

Although that will drop below 10 in the last trimester. Units. 3.8-5.8. In inflammation, liver disease, and malignancy, ferritin levels can rise because ferritin is an acute phase protein.4 In these patients, ferritin can appear either falsely high or normal, when in reality stores are low. It is an essential element for humans, and it is used in a variety of industrial processes. Your GP may carry out repeat blood tests over the next few months to check that your iron levels are back to normal.
A serum iron test can tell doctors whether a person has low, healthy, or high iron levels. Your doctor will most likely order this test after another lab test shows an abnormal result. L/L. Haemoglobin (HB) 130-180. Male. 10 12 /L. Iron is one of the most abundant elements on earth. 10 9 /L. Things you can do yourself If your diet is partly causing your iron deficiency anaemia, your GP will tell you what foods are rich in iron so you can eat more of them. In healthy older persons, hemoglobin levels are generally normal. Packed Cell Volume (PCV)/Haematocrit (HCT) 0.40-0.52. White Cell Count (WBC) 4-11. What is included in iron studies? Normal ferritin levels are 30 to 150 (mine are 10! A ferritin blood test is a simple way to check a person's iron levels. Iron.

The actual amount of iron found on transferrin (serum iron) divided by the total amount of iron fully saturated the transferrin (TIBC) The normal range of transferrin saturation % is 20 – 50%. (Below 10 is officially classed as anaemia and requires iron tablets). Mean Cell Volume (MCV) 80-100.


In this article, we discuss normal, low, and high levels, what they mean, and how to alter blood ferritin levels. Iron helps to synthesise dopamine, epinephrine and serotonin. Haematology Normal Adult Reference Ranges. 115-165. g/L. 150-450. Iron is an essential mineral, as well as a component of the proteins are used for oxygen transportation and metabolism.
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