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In fact, it is the longest complete dinosaur skeleton ever discovered. Diplodocus is a genus of sauropod dinosaur that originated from Late Jurassic North America. The generic name, coined by Othniel Charles Marsh in 1878, is a neo-Latin term derived from Greek διπλός (diplos) "double" and δοκός (dokos) "beam", in reference to the double-beamed chevron bones located in the underside of the tail, which were then considered unique. Whether you pronounce it correctly (dip-LOW-doe-kuss) or incorrectly (DIP-low-DOE-kuss), Diplodocus was one of the biggest dinosaurs of late Jurassic North America, 150 million years ago—and more fossil specimens of Diplodocus have been discovered that of just about any other sauropod, making this huge plant-eater one of the world's best-understood dinosaurs. Some animals represent species of the same genus and as such it is unclear if they are counted as fully distinct animals. Its average length was 90 feet (27 meters).
This ground-shaking plant eater occupied North America during the Late Jurassic, about 153 million years ago. PK ROSTER IDENTIFICATION COMPETITION . Diplodocus is a very famous giant Jurassic plant-eater. It has a familiar graceful long neck held far in front of its body and an equally long tail to act as a counterbalance, giving the dinosaur its name which means 'Double beam'. Prehistoric Kingdom. A range of soft and cuddly and very cute prehistoric animal soft toys, including all the favourite dinosaurs. Scientists now think that ligaments running from the hip to the back of the neck would have allowed Diplodocus to hold its neck in a horizontal position without using muscles.

Diplodocus is one of the most famous long-necked dinosaurs. Best known for its impressively elongated neck and an equally proportioned tail, this sauropod brands itself as a gentle, yet powerful giant. We would like everyone to attempt to guess every creature on the picture and comment what you think every creature’s name is. The Early Access version of Prehistoric Kingdom is slated to feature a selection of around 50 animals, with further animals potentially being added through the course of the game after the Early Access.
Scientific Name: Diplodocus carne Diplodocus ("double beam") was a sauropod dinosaur that lived in the Late Jurassic Period of North America. Diplodocus is a genus of sauropod dinosaur that originated from Late Jurassic North America.

It was a huge, long-necked dinosaur, reaching lengths of up to 30 meters (100 feet) long. Diplodocus is a very famous giant Jurassic plant-eater. Among the most easily identifiable dinosaurs and perhaps the longest known sauropod, a sick Diplodocus is transported to the park on Isla Muerta during the Science Division mission on the island, though the species itself becomes available to breed by the Hammond Foundation on Isla Tacaño. Concept art chart created for the upcoming game Prehistoric Kingdom. Dinosaur park sim game Prehistoric Kingdom has a demo on Steam; A dad in Louisiana embarrassed his daughter by greeting her school bus in an inflatable T. rex costume; Check out these stories, our fun fact, and dinosaur of the day Apatosaurus in episode 161 of the I Know Dino Podcast!
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