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When it comes to suspension, a Ridetech-equipped C4 Corvette will put a smile on your face every time you hit the road. Can it compete with the 2019 ZR1 with 755 hp? Simply put, if a part isn't designed to make the car run faster or launch harder, we won't be expending any ink on it here.

Take a look at how to increase horsepower for your Corvette. ... (PKE) system and alarm on your C4 Corvette - … Goodyear supplied some of the stickiest original-equipment rubber in its inventory—Eagle F1 Fiorano tires in sizes appropriate for the Corvette.

With some key upgrades, you can gain that sought-after horsepower. No matter how much horsepower you have, you can always use a little more, right? my 84 has the z51 package according to gm that posted this package on a web sight advertisement for new 84 corvette sales.

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In this tech article we provide a guide to C4 Corvette project cars to show you haw to build an affordable 1984-1996 Chevrolet Corvette including information on LS engine swaps - … 2/9.

Corvette Cleaning 101: Do’s And Don’ts Of Making Your Corvette Shine. How much horsepower does your Corvette have? Whether planes, trains, motorcycles, or automobiles, Andy has immersed himself in a world driven by internal combustion. however i looked at my build sheet and window sticker and i didnmy 84 has the z51 package according to gm that posted this package on a web sight advertisement for new 84 corvette sales.

The good news is these cars really can't go much lower, and if there is ever a bargain to be had bearing the Corvette logo, it's a C4.

Once again, we turned to our friends at Ecklers Corvette Parts who gave us a list of the most popular C6 Corvette mods. The year 1984 saw the Corvette still nursing the wounds left by the environmental oversights that had been handed down the decade prior. Over the years, many C4 Corvette driver replaced their pop-up headlights with conventional units, with some of them even considering this made the sportscar look more velocity-savvy.

He keeps his feet firmly grounded by working on his two street rods and his supercharged C4 Corvette. I drove every Corvette ever made, all in a row, and this is what I learned. Now that you got your ride looking good, its time to turn our attention to adding some performance and additional horsepower to your C6 Corvette.

C4 Corvette Quarter Mile Times (By Year) The Corvette’s fourth generation can easily be considered a period of recovery in regards to the sports car’s under the hood performance.

The best Corvettes of this vintage to avoid are the 1984 cars, primarily because they retained throttle-body style Cross-Fire Injection from the 1982 Corvette. Last month we brought you Five Do-it-Yourself Appearance Mods for your C6 Corvette. The C4 Corvette, on the other hand, is poised to become a true player in the enthusiast car universe.

With great looks and tons of possible upgrades, the performance potential is real. No matter what you’ve got, just remember you don't have to settle for the stock horsepower. The first 1953 Corvettes were all painted Polo White, so when it came time to celebrate the car's 35th anniversary, someone at GM decided a special white version of the C4 Corvette coupe was in order. In other words, make the Corvette run harder and faster, using parts and procedures that could be duplicated by a clever tuner at home.

Phase I focused on handling improvements.

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