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fawn. hart. As in male or female? Red deer are among the largest types of deer, although they are smaller than moose and Sambar deer. The males of some red deer subspecies have a sort of mane around their neck. You will notice that they all have small legs and a very small head. Eld’s Deer; The Eld’s Deer is a medium sized deer. What is another word for deer? The deer is a reddish-brown to grey-brown in color...The range of the Key deer originally encompassed all of the lower Florida Keys (where standing water pools exist), but is now limited to a stretch of the Florida Keys from about Sugarloaf Key to Bahia Honda Key. Tank: Perfect for a small, yet muscular male dog, such as a bulldog or a pit bull. Sambar Deer; The Sambar Deer is often confused with the Elk due to the bulky body and long, thin legs. Mammal with antlers and hooves.

They also have very long antlers that can develop quite a few points on them. Wiki User 2012-05-07 12:00:08. buck. Related Questions. A full grown male can weigh about 330 pounds and have an antler spread of 39 inches. doe. Asked in Deer What are the names of deer? Tango: Ideal for a ginger cat, male or female. buck. Fawns are typically able to walk at birth, but their stomachs are not fully developed at this time. Tanner: A handsome name for a male dog.

According to Habitat Tracker from Florida State University, young deer are referred to as fawns.

Names for male deer? They reach about 130 cm (51 in) tall at the shoulder; the red deer of the Carpathian Mountains are the largest of all. Here's a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. Deer synonyms. Fawns live off of their mother's milk and light greenery for the first eight weeks of life. Buck and Doe. Taco: An adorable name for a small dog, such as a Mexican hairless or a Chihuahua. A subspecies of reindeer, found wild in southern Norway and Kola peninsula in Russia. Top synonyms for deer (other words for deer) are buck, doe and stag. Only males have antlers, which can measure 115 cm (45 in) long. Tallulah: A pretty name that works well for a female cat. Noun Mammal with antlers and hooves. An ungulate animal. Need synonyms for deer? Contexts .

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