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I need the calculation to design suspension for formula student car. In particular it is a double wishbone pull rod system with an anti roll bar: the wheel is connected by two bearings to the upright. Mechanical Displacement. loom; you shouldn't compare ratio between the pushrod and coil over. So, the motion ratio for 348 rear is 0.85 (you may see equations that use the inverse of this number, Carroll Smith’s equations would come up with 1.18 for the ratio). Motion Ratio. Car. the motion" ratio" ends up" decreasing" which" means" the spring" rate at" the wheel" is decreasing"asthe "spring"iscompressing. We are planning to use a pushrod suspension design, however our dampers are 10 inches eye to eye which is causing some mounting problems for us. RE: AWD Pushrod front suspension design GregLocock (Automotive) 27 Nov 11 21:09 It is the correct answer, if you change the spring/wheel MR to 0.5:1 you will need to change rates etc by a factor of 4 compared with 1:1 Motion Ratio = Ì ã å Ü á Ú ç å Ô é Ø ß Ð Û Ø Ø ß ç å Ô é Ø ß L∆ Þ ∆ â Introduction 1 What is Suspension System? DESCRIPTION A pushrod actuated suspension system provides a better setup to achieve the calculated motion ratio. Solid Axles. the motion" ratio" ends up" decreasing" which" means" the spring" rate at" the wheel" is decreasing"asthe "spring"iscompressing.

Rocker arm suspension ratio kiwimanz (Automotive) (OP) ... We would like to keep a total ratio of 1:1 for a pushrod installations. The distance between the rocker and coilover mounting locations varies from one design to another, because it determines the motion ratio and stiffness required for the job. The Rocker. The Rigid Arm. You want to look at wheel motion compared to coil over motion. Motion ratio is a way of referring to the leverage the spring has when installed in a particular suspension geometry.Motion ratio affects both spring and shock rates, as well as the effectiveness of the anti-roll bar. Fig. Dont forget that the wheelrate is … 1- The rocker arm mechanism could be designed to produce a rising spring rate in the suspension, which was beneficial for race cars with limited ground clearance and suspension travel. Inputs enter via the pushrod, and they arrive well below 1-to-1 with respect to the tire. Keywords: A-Arms, Bell Crank, Pushrod, Ansys, Spring and Dampers 1. All kinds of forces and movements between the wheels and the ground passes to the body through the suspension.

The motion ratio of a bellcrank setup is hard to determine without specific knowledge of several dimensions. The Suspension system is a device connecting the body with wheels. Motion ratio can be You can't just talk about the rocker ratio without looking at the ratio between wheel movement and push rod movement. The Effect of Motion Ratio on Springs. The worksheet provided looks to be summarizing the general case where the spring/damper is mounted directly to the outer ball joint, i.e. Velocity Diagrams. On a Ferrari 348 rear suspension, the spring perch will move an average of 0.85 inches for every one-inch the wheel moves over the range of full droop to full bump. Computer Evaluation.

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