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0.55 m-rad up to an angle of 30° 0.09 m-rad up to an angle of either 40° or the lesser angle at which the lower edges of any openings which can not be closed weather-tight are immersed ABSTRACT Is it possible to use in ship design the latest findings from the modem analyses of capsize based on The modern ship is made up steel plating, section and builds up girders so connected as to provide adequate strength in all parts to withstand the forces acting on the ship under all condition of service. static and dynamic stability, high gm less stability STATIC STABILITY:- 1) It is defined as the ability of a ship to regain its upright equilibrium position, after the removal of external factor which caused the vessel to heel at an angle.

Each plot should be treated as a separate case for analysing the stability of the ship at each load case. These includes: Centre of Gravity (COG): It is the point at which the whole weight of the ship (or object) is assumed to be acting vertically downwards. Accurately predicting a ship’s draft is a necessary result of correctly applied hydrostatic principles but is far from sufficient.

We need to understand basic terminology of ship stability. STABILITY .

Relative Density of a substance is the ratio between the density of that substance and the density of fresh water. Ship Stability – Curves of Statical Stability.

COURSE OBJECTIVES . If the many items of weight on a ship are not distributed with considerable precision, the ship will float at unwanted angles of heel (sideways inclination) and trim (endwise inclination). Dynamic stability The capsizing of large ships that have not suffered flooding from hull damage is virtually unheard of, but it remains a serious hazard to smaller vessels that can experience large upsetting moments under normal operating conditions. Ship Stability Definitions related to Hydrostatic Particulars Density of a substance is its mass per unit volume, normally expressed as tonnes per cubic metre in ship calculations. Static Stability vs Dynamic Stability Generally the stability of an aircraft is defined as the aircraft’s ability to sustain a specific, prescribed flight condition. we can see a ship which has been inclined by an external force. Prior to launching any ship, its Dynamic Stability has been tested, and the results graphed in the Damage Control Book.

2) Area A₂ is to be not less than 0.03 m・rad. It is defined as the energy required in heeling the ship from upright equilibrium till the angle of heel in question. Now, imagine a ship in which grain has shifted to one side.

4. This video section should explain the basic elements of the different stability matters, and enable the user to: • Know the different abbreviations, terms and their meanings.

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