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/ I asked him to bail it tomorra / Sonny'll come over tomorra / Sonny got a brand new welder / He got rid a that auld new Holland / Hay! Intro: 10.

Lyrics to 'Hay Wrap' by The Saw Doctors. Trap Queen Lyrics: RGF productions / Remy Boyz, yah-ah / 1738, ayy / I'm like "Hey, what's up? Some folks who bale-graze leave the net wrap on, allowing cattle to eat into the bale from the ends, to reduce the amount of hay that gets pulled out, tromped on and wasted. I'm just curious, is it serious?


I can kick you if you don't pay the bill N17: 13. Only Americans eat duck sauce And my soy sauce is for you, I can put it in your chew Watch this- I can tiptoe while you take a piss In my bathroom spy on you while your little boy shits WAAAAAAAAI-YAH! Cattle often eat small pieces of net wrap or twine, but sometimes chew on large wads and just keep swallowing it, ending up with a big mass in the rumen.

Green And Red Of Mayo: 6. Chips (Live) 3. Jayz, I'd kill for a pinta porter I'd kill for a pinta porter There's wild bad drink in Tuam hi Get that wasp off my sandwich hay! I asked him to bail it tomorra Sonny'll come over tomorra Sonny got a brand new welder He got rid a that auld new Holland Hay!

Bale them bale them Hay! I asked him to bail it tomorra / Sonny'll come over tomorra / Sonny got a brand new Calling me up, so late at night Are we just friends?

As good as you make me feel I wanna make you feel better Better than your fairy tales Better than your best dreams You're more than everything I need

(She my trap queen) Yeah, you hear my boy (She my trap queen) Sounding like a zillion bucks on the track (She my trap queen) I got whatever on my boy, whatever (And I get high with my baby) Put your money where your mouth is Money on the wood make the game go good Money out of sight cause fights Put up or shut up, huh? F.C.A. View all The Saw Doctors Lyrics.

Macnas Parade (Live) 12. Will Galway bate Mayo Do you think will Galway beat Mayo Not if they have Willie Joe They haven't a hope of beatin' Mayo hay! hay! Bale them bale them hay! Bale them bale them hay! / Got something I want to say / Cannot keep you out my brain / But first off I'ma start by sayin' this, ayy / All Hay! Misheard lyrics (also called mondegreens) occur when people misunderstand the lyrics in a song.

Misheard Lyrics-> Song-> H-> Hay Wrap. Hay Wrap Lyrics.

Hay Wrap: 7. Bale them bale them hay! Hay! With all of the negative press surrounding hip-hop music, rappers often complain about the media taking their lyrics out of context, to make them seem more violent or misogynistic than they really are. I know it's somethin' when you wrap me uptight And that Carhartt jacket I'ma steel tonight Hey boy, hey girl The outskirts are waitin' for me to rock your world Justin Moore on the radio, feet on the dash, sixth gear wide open I only wanna crash into your arms, your lips, your kiss A …

Chips: 2. Hay Wrap This song is by The Saw Doctors and appears on the album All The Way From Tuam (1992). hay!

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