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Proteins are synthesized at the ribosomes. Analogy for smooth endoplasmic reticulum? Read on to know an endoplasmic reticulum analogy, which will help you to know what this organelle is and how it functions… microfilaments - seat cushions.

Cell Analogy. PLAY. Endoplasmic reticulum transpires in two forms: a type with ribosome-studded surface and another with a smooth surface. microfilaments - seat cushions. rough endoplasmic reticulum - fuel pump.

mitochondrion - spherical to rod-shaped organelles with a double membrane.

Proteins are synthesized at the ribosomes. This is where the digestion of cell nutrients takes place. Hence it can be an analogy for endoplasmic reticulum ribosomes - carburetor. A cell is analogous to a factory.

Perhaps the clearest analogy that can be made to describe the role of the rough endoplasmic reticulum is that of a factory assembly line. NAM1. A massive shipping facility can be an analogy for endoplasmic reticulum. smooth endoplasmic reticulum - gas line. STUDY. rough endoplasmic reticulum - fuel pump. Write. The ER is like a massive shipping facility that folds, packages, and exports proteins to destinations inside and outside of the cell. “Endoplasmic Reticulum is a complex network of tubular membranes exclusively present in the cytoplasm of the eukaryotic cell.” What is Endoplasmic Reticulum? The information in the case of a cell is messenger RNA. vacuoles - gas tank & reserve gas tank(s) lysosomes - catalytic converter. The endoplasmic reticulum creates a network of membranes that are found throughout the whole cell. Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum (RER) Facts Structure An analogy for smooth endoplasmic reticulum are the halls of a factory through which information passes. ; The functions of a Centriole is that it makes proteins and divides cells. A cell's endoplasmic reticulum (ER) contains a network of tubules and flattened sacs. Rough ER has ribosomes attached to it and smooth ER does not. Endoplasmic reticulum has two major regions: smooth endoplasmic reticulum and rough endoplasmic reticulum. A cell is analogous to a factory. Although it is relatively easy to visualize the components of cells, it is difficult to conceptualize how these components function together to sustain life within the cell.

The RER is named for the appearance of its outer surface, which is studded with protein-synthesizing ribosomes. A massive shipping facility can be an analogy for endoplasmic reticulum. A cell's endoplasmic reticulum (ER) contains a network of tubules and flattened sacs. If a school is a nuceus, what would be the anaogous cell parts? Mitochondria Cytoskeleton The food court is like the mitochondria because that's where shoppers go eat to Spell. Analogy - Cell. Flashcards. Rough endoplasmic reticulum, series of connected flattened sacs, part of a continuous membrane organelle in the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells, that plays a central role in protein synthesis. This is also where things are packaged into boxed and sent off to different places. All endoplasmic reticulum consists of a complex interconnected series of flattened sacs or membranes. (ex: nucleus- manager, rough ER-aisles, vacuole- storage room, golgi body- cashier) I have everything I need except a store-related analogy for the smooth ER.

The mitochondrion microtubules - car seats NAM1.

The ER performs multiple functions in both plant and animal cells.

This relates to the prison cells because it separates and divides all of the inmates. Test. golgi apparatus - gas filter. Endoplasmic reticulum has two major regions: smooth endoplasmic reticulum and rough endoplasmic reticulum.

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