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The flute is considered one of the oldest man-made musical instruments still in existence. These names include: cross flute, German flute, transverse flute and flauto traverso. Similar to the tin whistle, air is blown through a mouthpiece while holes are covered and released to … The following are considered some of the most inspired choices when it comes to selecting a fun, pleasant and easy to learn instrument for beginners. The flute belongs to the wind family of musical instruments (no reed involved). Next on our list of instruments used in traditional Irish music is the Irish flute. It’s the highest pitched flute (in the key of C) sounding an octave higher than the concert flute when played. In the 19th century, instrument makers began experimenting with key systems in the search for a more powerful flute, with more reliable tuning. It is regarded as an easier instrument but this reputation is not deserved.

KHS then founded Jupiter Band Instruments Inc. in 1980 and later opened an office in Austin, Texas in 1990. Concert band music often has a piccolo part and so this is a common instrument for flute players to double on. The flute, like any other instrument is difficult to play. What is important about all of these names is that they define an instrument that is held horizontally while being played.

Animal shaped flutes known as ocarinas were also a musical instrument.

Flutes need the second most amount of air for an instrument, next to the tuba.

The most common type of flute is known simply by the generic name ‘flute’.

Item has "Hawaii" hand painted on it.

If you used it in percussion of any sort it would become dented and unusable. The other type of flute was clay flutes. The flutes vary in size and have five, six, seven, or eight holes. When you hear a recording of a flute, the instrument you hear may not be the one you think of from your high school band days. Six of the flutes are complete and are considered to be the oldest playable, multinote musical instruments ever found. Find out what instrument you'd be in the symphony of life. Rain stock was considered to be an important Mayan musical instrument. A flute for all seasons.

In 1995, archaeologists found a flute made of bone in eastern Europe that dates back 43,000 to 80,000 years old.

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A flute dating back to approximately 900 B.C. The documented history of recorders dates back to the middle ages, and they were also very popular during the renaissance and baroque periods. This makes the air vibrate. Don't expect to play ANY kind of tune/notes at all. The modern flute has just over three octaves and is … There are two types of methods used in playing the flute: side-blown or end-blown.

Created by Alyssa Porambo . There are many names for this special kind of flute. Researchers have played the best-preserved flute and have uploaded audio recordings that showcase musical signs that are thousands of years old.

For anyone just starting out with music, finding the right musical instrument to start learning can be a real challenge.

Because it is cheap however, it seems to be treated as a “cheap” alternative to a “real” instrument (such as the flute). Mayan Music Facts. Learn more about each woodwind instrument: Flute • Oboe • Clarinet • Bassoon. Flute was a common musical instrument used during that time. The principle is the same as that for the recorder.

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