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What does spitting chips expression mean? “Full of spit and vinegar” meaning. Random Word. Also used as a generic term for an exhausted horse. Home; Slangs; Top 100; Spit Balling Edit Meaning. For example, "Yo my neezy you need to quit spitting that booty-chatter." Definition of spitting chips in the Idioms Dictionary. See spit, balling, spit balling, ballin, shooting, spitting. 1: 1 0. spit the bit. People heard it who didn’t know its true meaning, made a false association with spitting blood, and changed the sense. Slang meaning of booty-chatter. 1. 54.

Toggle navigation SLANG DEFINE . booty-chatter slang means: Means trash talking.

Throughout the play the children are full of spit and vinegar and malice, and they show their lack of balance, their youthful hubris, in the final scene, where they march to opposite corners of the world yelling bad names at one another— Ham is called nigger, Shem a chink, and Japheth a paleface. You can also add a definition of spit the bit yourself . Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. If you know the answer to this question, please register to join our limited beta program and start the conversation right now! This Nigga Spittin', also known as This MF Spittin', is an image macro series featuring phrases attributed to various celebrities and characters followed by a reaction image captioned with the slang expression "this nigga spittin," indicating a poetic appreciation for the preceding lines. A term referring to a tired horse that begins to run less aggressively, backing off on the "pull" a rider normally feels on the reins from an eager horse. What is other meaning of spit? 1. v. - to shoot ideas out in the open, may cause yourself to seem like a complete dunce. Where it came from is suggested by Charles Wilson, whose childhood was spent in the southern USA: “I have often heard the expression, ‘I’m so thirsty I feel like I have a mouthful of feathers’, which strikes me as wonderfully descriptive”. Here you find 6 meanings of the word spit the bit. Random Words: Sploogeface. Kai was spit balling about the new iPhone, while David, in turn, shot them down. What does spitting chips expression mean? We need you to answer this question! What is Spit Balling? What does spit the bit mean? Meaning spit the bit. spitting chips phrase.

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