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Gene gun bombardment is a method for the physical introduction of DNA into plant cells containing cell walls.

In genetics, shotgun sequencing is a method used for sequencing random DNA strands. The metal particles commonly used for gene gun bombardment include gold, tungsten, palladium, rhodium, platinum, and iridium.

Helios® Gene Gun Training Video - Duration: 14:24. The Transgenic Mouse Facility at the University of California San Diego (Irvine) reports an estimated success rate of 10% to 15% based on experiments with mice testing positive for transgenes. Sometimes the cell does not produce the desired protein, for this reason the researcher use this method to force the cell to produce the specific protein. It is the simplest method of direct introduction of therapeutic DNA into target cells. This method can also be used in the research purposes like DNA vaccination, genetic immunization, gene therapy and tumor or wound healing.

Gene transfer technique is used very widely both in basic research and applied biology. Gene therapy is a practice of inserting, alternating or removing genes in a living creature which may cause disease or other problems to its body. This technique had a low efficiency. The second delivery method is a “gene gun,” which fires gold particles carrying the foreign DNA into plant cells. 3:19 . The first DNA sequencing method devised by Sanger and Coulson in 1975 was called plus and minus sequencing that utilized E. coli DNA pol I and DNA polymerase from bacteriophage T4 with different limiting triphosphates. The gene gun is utilized to bombard the plant cell wall with many DNA coated metal particles by using compressed helium as the propellant. So that is another advantage the gene gun has over using Agrobacterium as a transfection method if the goal is to make a commercially available transgenic plant. It has become an indispensable tool for gene cloning, the study of gene function and regulation and the production of small amounts of recombinant proteins for analysis and verification.

Because both methods of gene transfer are fairly random, one must screen for the plant cells that contain the foreign gene. Ryan Abbott 79,423 views. The original CLCrV VIGS vector was designed for biolistic delivery by a gene gun. The other most commonly used method to transfer DNA is particle bombardment (gene gun) where small particles coated with DNA molecules are bombarded into the cell. We previously developed a virus-induced gene silencing (VIGS) vector for cotton from the bipartite geminivirusCotton leaf crumple virus (CLCrV). It is named by analogy with the rapidly expanding, quasi-random firing pattern of a shotgun.. … Some of these particles pass through the plant cell wall and enter the cell nucleus, where the transgene integrates itself into the plant chromosome.

The most usual form of gene therapy includes inserting new functional genes into a genomic location to replace a mutated or in other words, faulty and unwanted gene. This prerequisite limited the use of the system to labs with access to biolistic equipment.

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